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Welcome to the Life of a CCR President

By Celina Scherbeck

My dear fellow CEMSies, 

With this blog I would like to give you an insight into my role as President of the CCR and my participation at the CEMS Club Conference in Barcelona this year.

Well, what do I actually do as a President?

I know the role often sounds very ambiguous. But in short, it is mainly concerned with the organisational side (seeing as I do not work in a committee that directly plans events). My job mainly ensures that everything within the Club is running smoothly. I am a contact person for the board and committee members but also our dear Gina, Frieda and René at RSM. 

Additionally, I lead our weekly board meetings (check out the picture below of us spreading the CEMS spirit) and most importantly, have an oversight over all our events. As a board, we made it our goal to have a wide variety of events that appeal to all of you! For this we set up a semester plan at the beginning of our semester with an equal distribution of all our events. 

Currently, I am organising the RSM CEMS Hoodies and planning international events in collaboration with other CEMS schools such as UCD in Dublin and LSE in London. Through regular calls together we are organising the Dublin Tech Tour. Here RSM students will have the chance to meet other CEMSies, Alumni and a few of our corporate partners, such as Google.


Soon, we will also begin the recruitment of next semester’s board. As a board we will then conduct interviews and choose our successors. Here, I am in charge of an efficient and complete handover process, where all our experiences are transferred. Through a good handover process we can enable the CCR to get better and better with each semester! But of course, there has also been a steep learning curve for me. As we started, we were all new to CEMS, the structure of how such a Club is set up and the type of events that could be organised. For this we have also set up a list of lessons-learned, which will be transferred to the next board.

Overall, I am very proud of how the CCR operates and the dedication of all students. So, I want to thank all CEMS students, CCR committee members and board members for already making this an unforgettable semester and I am looking forward to the upcoming 2 months!

What did I do at the CEMS Club Conference in Barcelona?

Our partner school ESADE in Barcelona hosted this year’s conference on the 4th and 5th of October 2019. It was a pleasure to meet 26 out of the 32 Presidents that CEMS has (current conference record). We had the opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences of our clubs on various topics, including funding, type of events, recruitment of members and other burning issues. Fun fact, we are the only CEMS Club whose board is entirely recruited, as opposed to elected, selected or promoted. 

Each CEMS Club is also in a different development stage. Therefore, it was a valuable experience to listen to the best practices of other Clubs, but also have the opportunity to share how we do things in Rotterdam, to support our CEMSies abroad.

Together with the Presidents of UCD and LSE, I used the opportunity to plan our international collaboration, the Dublin Tech Tour. There are several regional CEMS events already, including the Nordic forum, Marenostrum, V4 forum or DACH forum. However, RSM has not been involved in any of them. Therefore, we hope that a collaboration with clubs like UCD, LSE, HEC and LSM will also continue in future semesters.

Our Corporate Partner Gartner also gave us an insight into their company and what its like to work at Gartner as a CEMSie, which was followed by their tapas workshop. This is also were the fun started, after dinner we spread the CEMS spirit across Barcelona’s bars and streets. 

Overall, it was a pleasure to meet the representatives of other Clubs and I can assure you, CEMS truly is a global network!

If you would like to learn more about the CEMS Club Rotterdam or the CEMS Club Conference, feel free to contact me via e-mail ( or approach me whenever you see me on campus. We also highly appreciate hearing any feedback that you may have!

 Also, I would highly recommend that you check out the CEMS Club at the school you will be visiting next semester and consider applying for a position in their board. If you are interested, I can put you in touch with the current president at your respective school.

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