Vegetarian Diet: What are the Benefits?

Vegetarianism, veganism, flexitariansim, paleo are just some of the dietary trends that are trying to inspire people to a more plant-based diets, but what are the benefits? Is it worth getting started?

It’s healthy!

Vegetarian often means a lot of veggies are involved and they are rich in all kind of vitamins you need. You want to avoid getting a cold in this crazy Rotterdam weather? Try to eat healthier! What’s more, vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of developing plenty of diseases, including cancer. Eating vegetarian can also help you live longer and keep your body in a good shape

It’s responsible! The meat industry contributes greatly to the severe ecological problems, including rising temperatures, depletion of Earth’s resources, and destruction of water supplies. Eating less meat is a simple and yet effective way to counter climate change. Choosing vegetarian also helps reducing famine – nearly 800 million more people can survive with the grain currently consumed by livestock. Finally, if you care about animal rights, most of the meat is produced in a cruel way with animals crammed into cages and fed a diet tainted with pesticides and antibiotics. Eating vegetarian makes you a responsible person, a Good Citizen! 

And most importantly… it’s cheap! In general, choosing vegetarian can be good for your pocket – you could save a couple of hundred euros every year just by not putting meat in your basket. With the Good Citizen card eating out can also be cheaper. We offer you discount to great restaurants which will provide you with the best experience of vegetarian or vegan cuisine! Gather some friends and try some vegetarian at one of our six partner restaurants.

Become a Good Citizen and get you GC card!

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