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The first Student Board meeting of the year

by Màté Kovàcs

CEMS is consistently trying to improve student's learning experience around the globe. The Student Board meeting is a platform for great discussions and future plans.

Student Board Representatives from 29 countries

As Most of you know by now, the Student Board acts as the students’ voice in the CEMS alliance. It is very important that we students also have a say in issues concerning CEMS stakeholders and this is why representatives of all partner schools gather three times a year to work hard on improving the CEMS experience for students around the globe.

The first Student Board meeting of the year took place in Copenhagen in April 12-15. The representatives had a lot to work on, especially now that the Student Board introduced a new structure with several tiers of projects. Personally, I am mostly involved in the Board’s Master in International Management function which works on issues concerning the MIM master program, and the Advocacy Taskforce that is responsible for gathering students’ opinions on several topics and raising issues to the wider CEMS Community (you can find one of our initiatives here).

Other than having insightful discussions with Head Office, networking with Corporate Partners, and working on ongoing projects such as the CEMS Internship Guide and the CEMS Startup Challenge, we launched a new initiative called “One Topic Per Meeting”. The main topic in Copenhagen was the CEMS Language Requirements. We collected inputs from all partner schools to find out what issues might be present regarding the language requirements and my taskforce is currently working on drafting some recommendations.

I would be lying if I told you that a meeting like this is only about work. Luckily, we had some free time between presentations and working sessions to explore Copenhagen and we had the opportunity to meet local CEMSies at a great event that the CEMS Club Copenhagen organized for us.

It was amazing to finally meet all the hard working representatives in person and see how welcoming and open everyone is in the Student Board. There is a lot of follow-up work happening at the moment so you will hear a lot from us in the coming weeks as projects progress.

RSM CEMSies at the Maersk HQ

If you’d like to learn more about the Student Board feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail ( or follow this link:

You can also talk to the Student Board Representatives currently studying in Rotterdam:

Aditya Srivastava, Georgia White Connolly, and Sungwon Hong.

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