The CEMS Global Responsibility Week

By the CCR Sustainability Committee

Reducing humanity’s impact on the earth system is important to keep this planet going... right?

Every CEMSie wants to live more sustainably... right?

If only it wasn’t so hard... right?

Don’t worry – we get that!

We know you care about plastic in the ocean, greenhouse gases and what not, but we also understand that sometimes it can be so hard and it just slips off our minds on what can be done in our everyday life to be more sustainable.

In occasion of the CEMS Global Responsibility Week, the sustainability committee compiled some tips and tricks for small everyday adjustments that can have a big impact so that you can become an even better person than you already are ☺


  • Don’t feel like cooking? Enjoy a vegetarian or even vegan meal with a discount at one of the Good Citizen Card’s partners!

  • Get those veggies in your pan! Eat locally grown and seasonal food that did not travel across the entire planet ;)

  • Try to balance your protein intake with alternative sources like soy, tempeh, chickpeas.. so many options!

  • Check out the app “TooGoodToGo”, which reduces the waste of food by connecting you to your local restaurants, bakeries and other partners that offer leftovers to be picked up at the end of a day for a discount. This is good for the environment and your wallet!

  • For all Germans among us, and we know there are many, download the app “CodeCheck” to see where your food (even cosmetics) come from and what’s in it.

  • Many products in the supermarket are wrapped twice or more in plastic. You can avoid this by buying the ones without plastic or for example choosing between yoghurt in glasses vs. plastic cups.

  • We live in Rotterdam so make use of this cheap, amazing and huge market right next to the Markthal every Tuesday and Saturday from 08:00 – 17:00. It can’t get much better than this (Katharina’s favourite)!

  • Minimize food waste by freezing your leftovers and plan a weekly leftover dinner – this is your chance to get creative with combining different foods!

Daily Activities

  • Buy a reusable coffee mug, water bottle and go shopping with your existing bags or boxes to get rid of plastic and paper waste.

  • BE DUTCH ☺ : Use as much public transport as possible or ride a bike for a change.

  • In comparison with a cab or a car, subscribing to “Felyx” and using electric scooters will definitely be more sustainable!

  • Sort your trash – especially in the Netherlands there are bins for plastic (plastik), paper (papier), bio waste (restafval) and glas (glas) around every corner. They look like this:

  • Check out the amazing second hand stores in Rotterdam like Piekfijn or Twice as nice and contribute towards the reuse of perfectly fine clothes that might otherwise be thrown away...


  • Try not to print all of your course materials - but if you really have to, how about switching up the font size and page limits to minimize your paper use or buy some recycled paper!

  • Before charging your phone or your laptop, please consider whether they really have to be charged all night long. Maybe two or three hours in the evening are enough..?


  • Balance it out - you don’t always have to go all the way to Australia - explore more of your own country or start by interrailing in Europe ;)

  • Hiking is a rising trend – join those influencers!

  • Reduce your emissions by balancing your flight’s emissions, for example at atmosfair (

Personal Care

  • Sort your laundry, don’t overdo it, coordinate with your flatmates if you can’t fill up the laundry and think about whether the washing has to be done at 60 degrees or maybe at 30 degrees.

  • Try to buy soaps, scrubs, shampoos, shower gels, etc. that do not contain microbeads. It is especially these microplastics that end up in the environment causing pollution and posing great dangers for our animals.

  • Turn off the tap, reduce your shower time and boiled water.. you get the gist ;)

You might be wondering “Can I as a single person make a change”? YES YOU CAN!

If 7 billion people were to implement these tiny changes in their lives, the impact would be incredible! This is why we would like to ask you to influence your peers, talk about your sustainable behaviour and spread the message ☺

If you have any tricks & tips that you feel are worth sharing – we would love to hear your input!

Your Sustainability Committee <3

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