Good Citizen Card - A CCR Sustainability Committee Initiative

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

By the CCR Sustainability Committee

You may have heard people on campus talk about the Good Citizen Card and how cool it is, but in case you are still unsure what exactly it is and how it works, this post will tell you all you need to know!

What is the Good Citizen Card?

The Good Citizen Card is an initiative by the CEMS Club Rotterdam Sustainability Committee, which promotes vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rotterdam. With the card, you can enjoy discounts of up to 25% at our partner restaurants that offer sustainable, healthy and tasty food across a variety of cuisines. The restaurant lists includes everything from healthy and filling salads to delicious cakes and traditional Indian thalis.

How much does the Good Citizen Card cost and for how long is it valid?

A Good Citizen Card costs just 3€ (less than a cappuccino at Starbucks!) and is valid for more than one year - until 31/10/2019! This means that the sooner you buy the card, the more discounts you have the time to enjoy.

Where can I buy the card?

You can buy your card at several places on campus:

  • The RSM Store in the Mandeville T-building (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 – 14:00)

  • The Erasmus Sustainability Hub in the Mandeville T-building (12:00 - 17:00 all weekdays)

  • From members of the Sustainability Committee: Caroline, Niklas, Katharina, Clara, Margot (WhatsApp: +31 650528811) and Devika (WhatsApp: +45 60697071)

Which restaurants can I use it in?

You can use your Good Citizen Card in restaurants throughout the city of Rotterdam. Besides delicious meals in these restaurants, you can also get discounts with the Good Citizen Card for special events like the Sustainable 3-course cooking workshop on Monday the 29th of October from 5.30-8 pm. If you attend the workshop with your Good Citizen Card, you will save 2.5 euros! Read more about the event here: and register here:

Here is an overview of current partnering restaurants and we are continuously working on establishing new partnerships:

How do I use the Good Citizen Card? You simply go to the restaurants and when ordering the vegetarian or vegan food you desire, you should inform the waiter/waitress that you have a Good Citizen Card which entitles you to a discount. Some of the partnering restaurants offer a few meat-based dishes, but note that the Good Citizen Card only gives you a discount on the vegetarian and vegan dishes from the menu. Please also note that if you go with other people, the discount is valid only for the order of the Good Citizen Card holder and not the entire group. If you and your friends want a discount on the entire order, you all need to have a Good Citizen Card.

How can I stay up to date on new partner restaurants? You can stay up to date with Good Citizen Card news such as new partner restaurants via our website, Facebook Page: Good Citizen Card Rotterdam, or Instagram account @gccardrotterdam.

Here you can also get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions for vegetarian/vegan restaurants/cafés/shops that we can partner up with. Also, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and/or Instagram when you visit the restaurants!

The Sustainability Committee recently went to Evergreen Veggies and enjoyed a delicious (and spicy!) Indian meal

This could be you!

Share the word about the Good Citizen Card with your friends so you can enjoy delicious, healthy and sustainable food together!

Bon appetit!

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