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Good Citizen Card

What if you could do something good for the environment by eating amazing food and exploring some of the nicest locations in Rotterdam? Buy the Good Citizen Card for only €3 and enjoy great deals and discounts for vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Rotterdam!

by Josephin Engel

Get access to yummi discounts, while saving the Earth!

For all the sweets lovers, SUE offers you yummy cakes that are vegan, without any sugar, and containing only natural ingredients. Love Asian food like Tom Yum or Aloo Gobhi? Leaf Vegetarian has a great selection of Asian food, ranging from Chinese to Thai and Malay cuisine. Evergreen Veggies serves amazing Indian dishes at such a variety that you will have difficulties to choose. Driven by your wanderlust but no time for travelling far? Gare du Nord is the perfect location for that. Sit down in an antique train wagon and enjoy creative vegan meals that change every week. If you would like to enjoy your meal in a living room like atmosphere with local specialties,Het Lachende Varken is the right place to go. Locals prepare your meals with seasonal ingredients sourced locally. With a weekly changing menu, there is always something new to try.

The Good Citizen Card is available for only €3 at the Sustainability Hub on the Woudestein campus. Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12pm - 3pm. Stay updated and find out more about our partners’ discounts by liking us on Facebook!

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