Erasmus Campus Food Guide

By Wanli Li

Are you busy with exams and don't have time right now to prepare food at home, or just haven't mastered the art of cooking yet? Are you still looking for the best place to get food at campus? We've got you covered - have a look at the campus restaurant guide we have prepared for you. Get inspired by the great variety of food that Erasmus University has to offer, grab your study buddies and head to one of the places for your next lunch date!

New Fork

Would you like to taste a fresh sandwich made from 100% natural ingredients? Yes! It is the kind of sandwich where each material is delivered from local farmers. The bread is also organic and has no chemical additives. In addition, New Fork regularly updates the menu to ensure it continues to surprise customers with different tastes. So, don’t forget to try their seasonal special!


Sandwich New Fork Club: € 5,75

Avocado & Ei: € 4,95

Sohmi Asian Street Food

You must have heard that Asian haute cuisine can satisfy all your taste buds. But, did you know that there is another kind of Asian food, which is available on the streets only? Street food is part of Asian culture; in the past, it was simply meant to give civilians a delightful meal after their busy day. Nowadays, it has developed into food that provides convenience and nutrition for people in this fast-paced society. If you want to taste the deliciousness of civilian food or you want to know the unique charm of noodles, then you must not miss this!


Noodle Box with chicken, Udon noodles + teriyaki honey: € 6,75

Sushi Bowl with greens, chicken, mango mayo, sesame seeds + fried onion: € 7,75

Tosti World

You might ask: "Can we find some food that is delicious and is at a reasonable price as well?" Tosti World definitely is your first choice then and it also can’t get more Dutch than this! You can customize the Tosti to your personal preferences with more than 10 ingredients. Whether you are a vegetarian or want to satisfy your bacon and cheese cravings, Tosti World can perfectly meet your needs, and you can even choose whether to bake bread.


Tosti and a drink: € 5,00

Cheese, chicken breast and cucumber: € 4,25

Has Doner Kebab

Has Doner Kebab is a Turkish food chain, which you can also find at campus food plaza. If you would like to indulge a bit and have some soul food during an exhausting day at campus, or you are in a rush and have no time for extensive lunch, you could not find a better choice than Has!


Hassalon Klein: € 4,75

Hassalon Groot: € 6,75

Erasmus Paviljoen Grand Café

Do you want to enjoy good food while enjoying the beauty of the campus? I strongly suggest you visit this campus restaurant while you are here! Sitting at the heart of the campus, take a closer look at the school's full picture and share with your friends the wonderful memories you've spent here. The food will also surprise you! The sauce in the beef burger is paired with fresh lettuce and fresh beef, so you will truly get the happiness of food! And the chef's choice dish is so good it will exceed your expectations! Also, don't forget to try the coffee here!


Burger: € 8,30 alone or as a menu with fries and coleslaw € 11,50

Erasmus Food Lab

If you are passionate about contributing to a sustainable environment, then the Erasmus Food Lab is a place where you can find resonance. The Erasmus Food Lab is part of the Sustainability Hub, an organization sponsored by a group of environmentally sustainable students. You can visit one of the cooking classes, which take place once a week, or get inspired by the recipes on their website. Personally, I like the fresh spring rolls most, it’s fresh vegetables with tofu and peanut butter. This is the best place to taste fresh and sustainable food!

Cooking class: €5 per course with a Good Citizen Card, €7,50 without a GCC

Erasmus Sport Café

Is there anything better than a delicious meal after a pumping session at the gym? We don't think so! You should definitely check out the Erasmus Sport Café, which is located at the Sports Centre. It is open all day long and you can get anything from burgers and fries, sandwiches, sport drinks or snacks here. Moreover, they have a daily changing lunch menu consisting of a soup and main dishes. Prices are very reasonable and 'student-friendly' so grab your workout buddy and get some food here!


Lunch menu: € 3,75 - € 4,75 

Snacks starting at € 1,60

The Company

Are you running from one lecture to the other and are in need of some food in between? Then check out The Company, the cantine on fourth floor in Mandeville building! Every day, fresh dishes from all over the world are prepared, using as many regional products as possible. They offer anything from delicious bowls of soup with all kinds of toppings, freshly cooked main dishes, a salad bar and richly filled sandwiches. Be aware that The Company is only open from 11:00 - 14:00!


Soup with toppings of your choice: € 3,10

Freshly grilled salmon with salad: € 5,10

Which is your favorite place to get food at campus? Let us know in the comments!

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