CCR Inspiration #6

All of us have an inspiring story and journey to tell. We started this series as a platform to share, get to know & motivate. Let us know if you would like to get featured!

CCR Inspiration #6 - Dirk Lustig

My life can be divided in half, with the first half of my life spent in the Republic of South Africa and the second in the Commonwealth of Australia, I have also lived 5 months on exchange in the Russian Federation and currently reside in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Only around 10% of the population of earth has the privilege to say that they grew up on the southern hemisphere and even fewer can say they have lived in four out of the six liveable continents.

What have I gained from these experiences?

Symptoms of growing up and living in multiple countries include: undefined definition of “home”, when someone ask me “where my home is” I would generally reply with “which one”. You miss your pets more than you miss family and friends. Yet, the most important experience is gaining the vast network of different people and cultures that helps to form you as a dynamic individual.

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