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CCR Inspiration #5

All of us have an inspiring story and journey to tell. We started this series as a platform to share, get to know & motivate. Let us know if you would like to get featured!

CCR Inspiration #5 - Ryan Meng

I come from a non-typical background compared to other CEMS students

I completed a degree in biomedical engineering at School of Medicine, Tsinghua University (including a semester in ETH, Switzerland). It’s a complicated subject, but basically I gained both medical and engineering knowledge. Next time you go to a hospital and see X-rays, ultrasound, MRI and so on, remember these medical facilities are created by biomedical engineers!

One of my researches was on nano-drug-delivery system before, meaning that I needed to encapsulate pharma molecules into a few nanometers wide micelles with fluorescence label and deliver them to tumor cells.

Don't be fooled by these fancy words. They mean challenging work and tedious experiment with chemicals and herbs, seriously.

What have I gained from these experiences?

In an utilitarian perspective, it is useful in job hunting, which helped me get a position of an industry analyst in Private Equity. It has also given me the access to a dense network of people in the relevant industry. After pursuing CEMS, I have been developing business mindset – which is very different from the engineering mindset. Sometimes, I find “business me” and “engineering me” facing the same issue with a different voice

Combined together, I have learnt a multi-disciplinary approach to sense and understand the world as well as myself.   

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