CCR Inspiration #2

All of us have an inspiring story and journey to tell. We started this series as a platform to get to share, get to know & motivate. Let us know if you would like to get featured!

CCR Inspiration #2 - Emma van Dalen

What is this life? Why do we do what we do? Is there even a purpose to this bleak existence that is our lives?!

These are all questions we ask ourselves during exam periods. These are also questions we ask when studying philosophy.  As some of you might know, I almost finished my double degree in philosophy with having every student’s personal favorite left: the thesis.  “Abstract” is a word that people often associate with philosophy, which is actually quite the opposite. In philosophy, you learn to think, to truly think about concepts used in common day understanding. You are taught to augment the way you understand the world by learning how knowledge is created, and how to create it yourself. Not in an academic kind of way, but more as a tool to strengthen your reasoning skills. You learn to reason, construct and decompose arguments by means of logic, which, when you take an analytic metaphysics course, looks an awfully lot like a programming language. Nothing too abstract about that! Here’s a thought experiment that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Okay probably not, but it will at least make your eyes lift from the screen and make you think: “hey, there’s an interesting paradox I will leave for some other time!”.

A ship's sail breaks, so it is replaced. A year later, its floorboards start to rot, so they are replaced too. Eventually, each of the ship's components is replaced and none of its original parts remain. Is it the same ship?

The same thing happens to the cells in your body; every seven years every part of you is replaced. Are you the same person you were seven years ago? On that note I will leave you all to think and will depart to work on my IBP slides. Peace and carpe diem (the original YOLO). 

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