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CCR Inspiration #1

All of us have an inspiring story and journey to tell. We started this series as a platform to share, get to know & motivate. Let us know if you would like to get featured!

CCR Inspiration #1 - Francesca Barberio

By my physical appearance, I guess that nobody would ever say I played football, right? Actually, football was the first sport I learnt, and when I was 12 I was admitted to the A.C. Milan female football team, which was a great but short experience. But before jumping to the end, I’d like to tell you I ended up playing football.  

As many lucky Italian families, during my childhood I spent almost all of the afternoons after school with my grandparents. My grandfather was passionate about sports and, fortunately, so I became. He was the first to teach me how to play football and thank him for that. Knowing how to play a sport gave me important values and the chance to have a passion I could share with other people.

I’ve never wanted to play in a team, but when I got the chance to do a trial for A.C. Milan female football team I immediately accepted it. The trial went perfectly and I got a spot in the team. However, I had to decline the offer for personal reasons, a choice that I still regret. But, luckily, some years after I decided to play for the Bocconi futsal female team with which I took part in two international events for university sport teams (Euro Valencia 2014 and Euro Comillas 2014) and we won one!     In the future, I wish I can give back to sport what I couldn’t give on the field.

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