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The CEMS Club Rotterdam (CCR) is an association of CEMS students from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University. The CCR has the objective of enhancing student life and fostering relationships among students, alumni and corporates. As the CCR is a networking platform between corporate partners, CEMS Alumni, and CEMS students, it seeks to combine the academic program with social and professional events. 

CCR activities involve organising events with corporate partners, such as company in-house days, skill seminars, and rotation dinners, as well as events with CEMS Alumni or volunteering events for the local community. Furthermore, social events such as city trips, dinners or a gala night are organised to facilitate bonding and cooperation between CEMS students in Rotterdam. Additionaly, to share best practices between clubs and to improve the CEMS learning experience, each school has a Representative to the CEMS Student Board.

CEMS Student Board Representative of RSM

Celina Scherbeck
Student Board Representative

Executive Board

From top-left to bottom-right:
Jesme Habets (Head of Corporate)
Antoine D'Aietti (Vice President - Treasurer)
Antonio Cambio (Head of Marketing)
Julia Janse (Head of Social)
Yasmin Güzelcan (Head of Social Responsibility)
Lennart Falkenberg (President)
Svenja Nolte (Head of Alumni)

Alumni Committee

From top-left to bottom-right:
Carolin Dohle (Member of Alumni)
Samyuktha Kamath (Member of Alumni)
Alexandra Tomalak (Member of Alumni)
Svenja Nolte (Head of Alumni)
Priscilla Wang (Member of Alumni)

Corporate Committee

From left to right:
Linglu Yue (Member of Corporate)
Casper van Mook (Member of Corporate)
Jesme Habets (Head of Corporate)
Thomas Hufnagel (Member of Corporate)
Stella Behrmann (Member of Corporate)
Piotr Cwiek (Member of Corporate)

Marketing Committee

From top-left to bottom-right:
Eric Tsai (Member of Marketing)
Ankita Panda (Member of Marketing)
Dorian Wattel Gelly (Member of Marketing)
Divin Kang (Member of Marketing)
Jenny Wang (Member of Marketing)
Antonio Cambio (Head of Marketing)

Social Committee

From top-left to bottom-right:
Nicolas Daive (Member of Social)
Valentin Kempter (Member of Social)
Jonas Subelack (Member of Social)
Niklas Röpke (Member of Social)
Valerie van der Spree (Member of Social)
Julia Janse (Head of Social)
Cyprien Lordet (Member of Social)

Social Responsibility Committee

From top-left to bottom-right:
Clarisse Biollu (Member of Social Responsibility)
Luca Jähnel (Member of Social Responsibility)
Nika Zupancic (Member of Social Responsibility)
Seda Ince (Member of Social Responsibility)
Yasmin Güzelcan (Head of Social Responsibility)


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